buy term paperYear: 2018

Project name: Employment through Heritage Project in partnership with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan

 Duration: 48 months – ongoing

The ongoing project has three major objectives:

1) Creation of a legal framework for the CRM sector in order to formalize the job market.

2) Certification of trained Jordanian technicians in different fields of CRM to enter the job market.

3) Placement of certified Jordanian technicians.

The project is supported by the Swiss Drosos Foundation and is implemented in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (DOA).

In cooperation with DOA, Sela is facilitating the creation of national regulations for conservation and development of archaeological and heritage sites. Sela is training junior DOA employees within this projects,in order to build capacity for forthcoming enforcement of the regulations.

As part of EHP, Sela has currently two ongoing field projects: The emergency conservation of the Petra Garden and Pool Complex in Petra in cooperation with Pennstate University and the documentation and cleaning of the archaeological site of Qastal in cooperation with the DOA, and Hesban in cooperation with the Nabulsi Family, Tell Hesban Cultural Association, And Andrews University. Over the four years of the project, Sela will offer training opportunities in several communities all over the Hashemite Kingdom.