“Rujim Al-Malfof” is considered one of the oldest historical monuments in the Jordanian capital, Amman, which was built by the Ammonites. It is a tower built in the Iron Age around the thirteenth century BC.

Such towers were constructed – with massive blocks of minimally trimmed stone, It took different shapes, ranging from square, rectangular, and circular, most of which were blind flint stones. The cabbage stoning was constructed in a circular shape with a height of four meters, and it was called the cabbage for its circular shape. Excavations showed that the tower consisted of two or three layers, and had a main entrance and had four rooms without a roof. The stoning of cabbage is located west of the Fourth Circle in Jabal Amman in an area overlooking Wadi Saqra, next to the registration and research center of the Jordanian Department of Antiquities in Jabal Amman.

Rujim Al-Malfof , consists of three floors with a height of five and a half meters, with ramshackle stone staircases and surrounding facilities in ruins. Rujim Al-Malfof ruins consist of a stone tower and several storage rooms on the eastern side of this tower. The buildings are located on a hill, traces of three levels that are still recognizable, and may even be five or six meters higher than they are today.

SELA Landscaping project and conservation project in Rujim Al-Malfof includes the conservation of the most affected places, which must be expedited and strengthened. Accordingly, an evaluation of Rujim Al-Malfof was made in addition to the existing rooms, where the evaluation included identifying problems at the site, including treating the stone, removing the stone piles and knowing the projects that took place at the site and previous restorations, removing plants, according to this, a plan was drawn up showing the places of work on the site.

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