Khrybet El-Souq An entire city underground full of monuments And treasures, which is one of the districts of the capital, Amman, is located in the south To the east of the capital

The church of Khrybet El-Souq is located on a clear part of the hill The archaeological ( Khrybet ) was the result of a large number of successive settlements The place had a great impact on the existing architectural remnants Also, continuous use indicates the importance of the site Economic and social aspects The elderly in the area were mentioned that it was called ” Jewels Market” .The site contains various architectural elements, including the remains of a temple From the Roman era- 1st and 2nd century AD Gregorian ( As the site became inside a residential neighborhood, some of its buildings were erected on parts of the ancient temple .

SELA team accomplish cleaning of waste and dirt , backfilling, and removal of plants and thorns And reorder the accumulated stones on the south side On the lines system in order to be used for maintenance work And restoration in the future