The ruins of Yajouz are located 11 km north of the capital Amman, from the northeast, and near the site passes the Shafa Badran road branching from Sweileh – Zarqa road, and the area of ​​the archaeological site is about (625 * 470 m), the site is known as (Talat Nimr), It is also known as (the runway) because of its gradual nature in the form of successive heights, and it consists of the northern and southern layers of a valley known as Wadi Yajouz, and the archaeological site was found on the southern side of the valley and near it a spring of water in which water flows throughout the year. The Yajouz site was distinguished by the fertile agricultural lands surrounding it, making it a place of stability in the region

The project period was ten training weeks, during which work focused on the site of the recently discovered church located near the Western Church, and included work on cleaning the archaeological site from weeds and dirt, as well as cleaning and restoring all sides of the mosaic floors (framing). Well cleaned and restored. The work also included training the trainees on the work of archaeological painting and archaeological photography, and how to determine the problems that will be addressed.